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What I can do for you

As we know people are at the centre of all successful enterprises, whether the purpose of the enterprise is a product or service, whether for-profit or not-for-profit.  Building a successful team culture in which all staff talents are aligned is also the challenge of leadership. Regardless of your particular situation I may be able to help if:
You are part of a community group and …

  • the vision is unclear
  • decisions take too long or are not followed through
  • commitment of members is sporadic
  • the committee election process is not based on clear criteria
  • there are no review processes to help improve the organisation
  • the association rules need to be updated

You are part of a leadership team within a business experiencing growth or the need to restructure and …

  • you are not sure about your preferred business model
  • there is no shared vision
  • team roles are not clear
  • existing skills are not well utilised
  • there is dissatisfaction or friction in the team
  • accountability is vague
  • succession planning is poor or non existent
  • recruitment processes are haphazard
  • staff review processes are irregular or ineffective

You are a leader facing challenges on many fronts and …

  • you are unsure about your strengths and weaknesses
  • you feel unable to address conflict or manage poor behaviour
  • you find it difficult to prioritise amongst the many demands
  • you are looking for a place to reflect on the challenges you face
  • you would like to be part of a professional peer group to share experience

In  my consultancy work I draw on my experiences in social work and education together with a keen interest in people and organisational dynamics.

To discuss further please get in touch using the Contact Form.