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The time is now

Individual and Organisation suggests a polarity and a mutual relationship . One points to the interior dimension, one to the exterior. Organisations contribute to society by harnessing human talent and natural resources.[show_more type=”post” more=”Continue reading” less=”close” class=”fade”]Individuals contribute by unfolding their talents, by developing themselves. Human development and organisation development are intertwined and in today’s world rely directly o each other. 

This was not always the case. In past times the life and individual development for the majority of people was governed by the tribal or village conditions. Today it is the organisation which for most people provides the conditions for individual development. Hence we might say that the organisation is Janus headed, facing the outside world with its offerings of goods and services, and also looking inwards to serve the needs of its individual members. [/show_more]



The time is now

For many of us having time to reflect is a privilege which does not arrive unaccompanied. It invariably brings with it weighty questions as well as a growing sense of personal responsibility.
The responsibilities I am suggesting concern leadership, individual purpose and social/ professional conduct.
As a fellow traveller I can offer practical support in leadership development at the individual level, within the team or more broadly within your organisation.

The future ain’t what it used to be
Yogi Berra

I begin where we all must, with the Individual.
It is easy to feel overwhelmed and also powerless as an individual in a complex and often bewildering world. However allowing this feeling to dominate our awareness works like a self-fulfilling

True power can never be given to someone who is unable to claim it for themselves.

It is tempting to confront current events in the world with alarm, indignation or maybe resignation. The forces at work appear overpowering.