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The organisation – a living organism

As living entities, organisations are subject to processes of change, growth and development . They are conceived and brought into the world by pioneers. Over time they grow and adjust to the changing demands, both internal and external. In maturity they achieve a degree of stability by integrating, at a higher level, the dynamic forces of initiative and the ordering principles of structure.

Bernard Lievegoed was a pioneer in understanding developmental phases in human life as well as in organisations. My approach builds on his insights as well as the experience of those many consultants and researchers who have applied his theories in diverse organisations around the world.

Typical questions that an organisation will face:

  • Are we still operating out of original pioneer forces? Are we over-ripe and is it time to develop the next phase?
  • Do our administration systems and practices meet the demands of size and complexity?
  • Is our focus on administration systems and practices stifling the creative enthusiasm we experienced in early pioneer activity?
  • Is there a tension within the organisation between administrative demands and creative intent?

Using a facilitated process I can help you and your leadership team reflect on the current development challenges in your organisation.