Leadership Mentor & Speaking Partner


From my leadership and management experience in various organisations I can firmly conclude that the capacity for leadership in the executive positions will determine the development potential for the whole organisation. Leadership always starts at home within the self, and it requires that we recognise personal tendencies of sympathy or antipathy in relation to all that we undertake, in relation to all the people with whom we engage. Through our conduct we “raise the ceiling” enabling everyone to grow and this is the primary responsibility of leadership.

I offer a place to explore the issues and reflect on personal and professional challenges in one-on-one conversations and through leadership seminars.

Some authors I have met along the way which have informed my understanding:
Peter Senge – The Fifth Discipline
James Hillman – The Soul’s Code
Karen Horney – Neurosis and Human Growth
Frank Rivers – The Way of the Owl
Julia CameronThe Artists Way
Various authorsMeeting the Shadow