I have lived and worked in New Zealand and Australia for over 30 years.
My formal educational background includes:
BSc Econ (Philosophy) – London School of Economics, UK.
Organisation and Social Development – Emerson College, UK.
Grad Dip in Disputes Resolution – Massey University, NZ.
I am currently completing a diploma in Training Design and Development.

My informal educational background includes encounters with many interesting people and highly rewarding work experiences in mostly not-for-profit or for purpose organisations.

I am currently involved on the boards of a numbers of community organisations promoting environmental and social causes.

I live in South Australia in a coastal settlement south of Adelaide. I am an avid reader on contemporary social and economic issues. I try to ride my bike more often than use the car.

Some authors I have met along the way who have informed my understanding:
Peter Senge – The Fifth Discipline
James Hillman – The Soul’s Code
Karen Horney – Neurosis and Human Growth
Frank Rivers – The Way of the Owl
Julia Cameron – The Artists Way
Various authors – Meeting the Shadow

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