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360° Feedback

The Power of Feedback

Learning from the people who know you best!

As a leader or member of a leadership team are you getting the feedback you need?

It can come as a shock to discover issues or concerns that have been simmering away in the organisation unnoticed. How can this be? Continue reading . . .

The value of feedback (and why we look the other way)

We all know that feedback provides a powerful stimulus for personal and professional development so why do we get anxious or defensive when it comes to feedback? Continue reading . . .

Why 360° Facilitated Feedback works

The feedback process begins with a structured Leader/Manager survey.
Continue reading . . .

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360° feedback for School Leadership

A school is a highly complex environment that may present challenges for the most experienced leader.
A key to success will always include the development of a leadership team together with a culture of learning amongst all staff.
By reflecting on the AITSL standards staff and team members become engaged in co-creating a leadership culture across the school.
The Leader/Manager 360° feedback survey is also included for school professionals.

Contact me to discuss how this process can work in your school.

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Stages involved in conducting the 360° feedback

While the process can always be modified to suit the needs and circumstances within any group or organisation, I recommend a process which provides maximum engagement and impact for everyone involved.

[show_more more=”This would typically include the following five stages, read more…:” less=Close – color=”#000”]
  1. Getting started
    An opening discussion with the participant to receive feedback
    The selection of respondents who will be giving feedback
    A preliminary timetable
    Preparation for the meeting with all respondents
  2. Introducing the process to all the respondents
    An overview of the process and principles
    Addressing questions and concerns
    Clarifying protocols
    Securing commitment
    Login details to online survey sent to participant and respondents
  3. Online surveys
    All respondents and the participant complete the online survey(s)
    Data aggregated and compiled and sent to the facilitator
    The facilitator conducts an individual debrief with the participant
    Preparation for group debrief
  4. Group debrief on survey results
    Summary of survey data shared with all respondents
    Key questions / themes shared by participant (who then leaves meeting)
    Respondents reflect on survey results and discuss key themes
    Participant returns to the meeting and priorities for action are identified
  5. Developing Action Plans
    The participant prepares professional development plan based on the survey findings
    Respondent groups consider their own action plans in support of shared priorities
    Accountability process and review cycle agreed