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If you lead a team, work together with others on things that matter, or simply want to be more effective in what you do, then you are already on your way to stepping into greater leadership potential.

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You may also be someone who is unsure of their purpose and wants to achieve more clarity and focus. Leadership development tackles the issue from both sides, As you become more capable so too does your vision come into ever greater focus. The outer and the inner aspects of your work and purpose come into greater alignment.

There are many processes that can support professional development and a culture of leadership. The choice you make will depend on what resonates with you and your judgement about the conditions prevailing within your team or your workplace. And the starting point is always exactly where you are.

From my varied professional career I have concluded that aside from the declared purpose of any organisation, there is always an additional and maybe even primary responsibility  – namely to provide opportunities and support for the development of its people.

And of course, the best leaders are always  learners!